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Frameless Shower Screens and Shower Enclosures - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for enquiring about frameless shower screens from Bathing Bliss. Below, are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a "Frameless" Shower Screen?

The word "frameless" is used to describe the overall visual appearance of the shower screen. This does not mean that no "frames" are used. Shower screens can be made up of hinging glass doors, glass panels that run inline with doors (In-line panels) and glass panels that are fitted at 90 or 135 degrees to the door or inline panel and return to the wall (Return panels). All hinged glass doors have polished edges with no framework. In most cases the edges have a translucent plastic water seal attached.

All fixed panels (either in-line or return) are attached to the finished surface (wall, floor, shower tray, ceiling etc) by use of a narrow, polished aluminium channel, which is used to securely hold the glass and produce an effective water retaining seal between the glass and finished surface. In some cases however, it is necessary to use wall to glass fixing clamps (usually if the glass panel is larger in width than 800mm).

Will my Shower Screen be 100% Watertight?

The simple answer to this is no! An inherent characteristic of a frameless shower screen is the fact that there are gaps between the door and panels as well as underneath the door and the hinges through which water may pass. These gaps may be closed, with good effect, by using translucent seals. Frameless screens are really suited to "wet" environments (i.e. tiled floor etc) that are suitably prepared so that any small amount of water that does escape is not an issue. The slight disadvantage that may be caused by this is far out-weighed by the stunning visual effect achieved.

What is my Shower Screen made from?

All glass for bespoke screens and doors are 8mm thick safety glass, toughened in accordance with BS6206 class A. All hinges, handles, brackets etc are made from brass or stainless steel and are "plated" to match chrome or other finishes, which are available on request. All channels are made from polished aluminium or stainless steel.

What Glass Finishes can I have?

Glass is offered in a choice of clear or sandblasted finishes. Special designs can be produced - please contact us for more information.

A special "anti-plaque" glass finish can be applied to the surface of the glass. This helps to repel a build up of lime scale and makes the glass much easier to keep clean.

What dimensions can my Shower Screen be made to?

All dimensions are quoted in millimetres (mm). Depending on the configuration you choose, your shower screen can normally be made to suit the space you have. Consideration must always be given to the physical safety of the structure and the day-to-day operation of the screen. As a guide, the normal width of a door is 650mm with larger spaces requiring an in-line or return glass panel to fit your opening. The normal height of a shower screen is 2000mm and an over bath screen is 1500mm. Depending on your requirements, supporting stay bars may be required or fixed glass panels may need additional support from the ceiling. All of these details can be discussed once we are supplied with your finished opening dimensions.

Who should install my Shower Screen?

Bathing Bliss will have your shower screen/door manufactured to the dimensions provided by you. In our significant experience, it is imperative that you employ someone fully qualified to both measure and install your screen. We strongly suggest that you use a specialist installer who has experience of this kind of work. Whilst we cannot accept any responsibility for their work we do offer the services of an experienced installation team who have regularly fit our products. Please contact us on 0845 0450336 for more information.

How long will the whole process take?

From receipt of payment and signed order acknowledgement, we aim to process your order and deliver your goods within 28 days. In practice, most orders are completed in less time; however, all quoted delivery dates are estimates and cannot be guaranteed.
If you have any further questions/queries, please call 0845 0450336.